Customer Id Management, Document Scanning and OCR, Document Processing

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Digital Customer On-Boarding System
Digital Customer On-Boarding

Instant and digitised customer onboarding with frictionless capture and OCR of POI / POA documents, automatic statutory Aadhar masking and live face capture with seamless data and file integration.

Industry first AI based offline OCR
Industry first AI based Offline OCR

Extracts and converts the text within an image or document into fully editable text using AI based OCR technology - completely offline. Automatically fills extracted details into requisite forms, to complete any online process with minimum human intervention.

Image Enhancement
Liveness check and face matching

Intelligent software-based biometric authentication for liveness check, face detection, face matching and face recognition, to validate and authenticate customers and pictures during digital KYC process.

Face matching & Liveness Detection
Scanning and enhancement

Inbuilt auto enhancement ensures that the images, graphics and text in scanned documents are impeccable with premium colours and crisp resolution. Grey scale mode filter provided for size reduction.

Digital library
Digitization and document processing

Enables digitization of both unstructured and structured documents using the phone camera. Convert images and documents into PDF / JPEG formats. Whiteboard discussions, invoices, certificates, statements - any of them can be easily converted to clean digital files.

Compression & Protection
Compression with Quality

Optimises and compresses scanned images and files up to a ratio of 90% without affecting quality and readability. Facilitates reduction in storage and related costs.

Businesses who have gained with Netrascan

Prominent players in these industry verticals have either moved to Netrascan or digitalized their existing process with Netrascan,
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NetraScan Digital Customer Onboarding, KYC & More

Customer on-boarding, identity management, document scanning and processing, OCR and data transfer


Aadhar redaction , Customer on-boarding, identity management, document scanning, OCR and data transfer

Media & Entertainment

Customer on-boarding, identity management, document scanning and processing, OCR and data transfer


QR code and RFID scanning for the audience and services management process pipeline

Housing Finance

Document processing, Annotation, Compression, merging and cloud DMS integration

Govt. of India (FinMin)

Document scanning, OCR, data processing and dashboarding