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Recognised as one of the best free Mobile Scanner apps, NetraScan is a simple yet powerful app that digitises your documents, edits, and converts your images to PDF in a simple tap, among various other features. You can now scan, save and upload your documents on the go. Sharing, managing and searching for documents has never been so easy.

Advantages & Benefits

  • One-Stop Solution
  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Instantly turn phone into a pocket scanner and organized document repository.
Why settle for less?

What you can do with NetraScan

NetraScan Image to PDF Converter. Available on Android and IOS. Download Now.

Convert images to PDF

Use your phone camera to scan your document and convert easily

Image OCR offline

OCR (optical character recognition) allows you to extract data from images and share it in the app

NetraScan - Scan Documents Easily. Perfect For College & Work. Store Documents Offline
Convert Image to PDF For Online Social Sharing. NetraScan - Download Now.

Share PDF/JPEG Files

Share documents easily in PDF or JPEG format through various ways - post on social media, send attachment or document or download link through email

Document Editing

Allows adding of custom watermark, anti-counterfeit to mark your documents

Easily Edit Documents On The Go With NetraScan. No Hassle. Available on Android and IOS
Locate Every Image or Document Easily. Use NetraScan To Search Within Images

Fast Search

Search your documents fast

Secure Documents

Secure your documents by setting a password in NetraScan and in the PDF files.

Protect & Secure Documents Easily and With One Click. Only On NetraScan. PDF Scanner. Available on Android and IOS